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Sample letter to Alameda County Transportation Commission

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Beth Walukas
Manager of Planning
Alameda County Transportation Commission
1333 Broadway, Suite 220
Oakland, CA 94612

Dear Ms. Walukas, RE: Remove Niles Canyon Rd Project from the Countywide
Transportation Plan (CWTP) – Transportation
Expenditure Plan (TEP) – List of Possible Projects

I am writing to your office concerning the ongoing CWTP-TEP process that has been posted on the Alameda County Transportation Commission’s (ACTC) webpage. It is my understanding that the CWTP-TEP process has as goals developing a list of projects to be included in a reauthorization of Measure B – Alameda County’s Transportation Expenditure Plan and/or recommending the project be adopted by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission for the Bay region.

In particular during a March 24, 2011 meeting of the ACTC Board the Agenda Package contained a March 15, 2011 memorandum from the ACTC Planning, Policy and Legislation Committee had an attachment (A1) which listed projects and programs which had been identified through the CWTP-TEP process. Under Projects identified as No. 82 and 101was a project titled Niles Canyon Rd (safety improvements) & SR-84/Niles (congestion relief/safety) respectively.

As a resident and voter in Alameda County I have been following the California Department of Transportation’s (Caltrans) Project titled State Route 84 Niles Canyon Safety Improvements, a project I do not support. In my opinion the project will actually make the canyon more dangerous for drivers and cyclists, waste $76 million in public funds, degrade important trout habitat in Alameda Creek, jeopardize a decade of restoration efforts, blight a designated scenic highway and ruin the natural beauty of Niles Canyon. I support the Save Niles Canyon effort.

Since the projects listed in your CWTP-TEP planning documents appear to have the same name and purpose as that of Caltrans I am requesting that you remove the project from your list of possible candidates. If the Niles Canyon Rd Safety Improvement project were to be part of any Measure B reauthorization or other ACTC supported initiative you can be confident I will not be supporting it as a voter and I will advising my neighbors, friends and colleagues to do likewise.


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  1. Gabriele and Wallace Allen says:

    Dear Ms Walukas,
    We reside in Alameda county and strongly support the protection of Niles Canyon. All around the Bay Area many projects are under way which represent an assault on nature. The motivation is always the same, more development, more room for more traffic flow for our ever busier and faster paced society. The lightheartedness, with which hundreds of mature often native trees are being removed for this and other projects is appauling and wrong and can only be persuit by people who are deeply disconnected from nature. Besides the heavy impact on waterways and wildlife, in the bay Area, where the largest amount of greenhouse gases comes from transportation, and an ever growing number of individuals suffer from Asthma and other respiratory diseases due to air pollution, we cannot afford to continue to kill trees, which sequester the GHG CO2 and produce OXYGEN, to build wider roads for transportation convenience. Sincerely, Gabriele and Wallace Allen

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