Cut trees gallery

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  1. vjmoon says:

    this is a crime if we went in there and started cutting and destroying this environment like Cal Tran is doing we would be arrested. We need a court injection to cease this destruction and meet with the community to decide on a plan that works. It is time for civil disobedience

    • Get the state to make it a Scenic Highway!!! Then Cal Trans couldn’t touch it!!!!!

      • Kimberly says:

        Hi Julie,

        The road is currently a scenic highway; unfortunately, this doesn’t mean it can’t be touched. The following is a copy and paste from

        Can scenic highways be widened or otherwise changed?
        Official scenic highway status places no restrictions for making improvements on scenic highways. However, Caltrans works with appropriate agencies to coordinate transportation proposals and maintenance activities and to ensure the protection of scenic corridors to the maximum extent feasible.

        Does official designation preclude development?
        No, but the corridor protection program seeks to encourage quality development that does not degrade the scenic value of the corridor.

        Can official designation be revoked?
        The most critical element of the scenic highway program is implementation and maintenance of the scenic corridor protection program. Caltrans monitors officially designated scenic highways at least every five years. Designation can be revoked if the local government ceases to enforce its protection program. A city or county may request revocation if it no longer wishes to be part of the program.

  2. kistine says:

    the last photo, and the tree in the upper right corner looks doctored to me

    • bob k says:

      The photo is not doctored. I drive Niles canyon several times a week, and I can assure you these photos represent only a small sampling of the large swath of trees which have already been cut, as well as ugly black tarps covering a long stretch beside the roadway. This beautiful rural road is already looking more like a construction (destruction?) zone, and what had been the nicest part of my leisurely commute is becoming downright depressing.

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