Alameda County Transportation Commission wants to widen Niles Canyon Road

We Need You to Contact the Alameda County Transportation Commission (ACTC) About the Niles Canyon Road Project- Here is the story!
The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), which coordinates regional transportation projects in the Bay Area has requested input from all Bay area jurisdictions asking for project recommendations for long term transportation initiatives.  In addition the Alameda County Transportation Commission (ACTC) has begun an initiative to reauthorize Alameda Tax Measure B funding which is used to fund Alameda County transportation expenditures. Therefore ACTC is also gathering suggestions for transportation projects but only within the county. The ACTC has been using a combined information gathering process for both of these initiatives and has been obtaining input from a wide range of constituencies over the last two months. Somehow the Niles Canyon Safety improvements project has shown up on their list. Yes it’s the same one we are challenging as the SaveNilesCanyon group.  The inclusion of this project on the ACTC list is a matter which must be addressed. The Project showed up on an attachment to a 15 March ACTC (view or download memo here)
What can you do? 

  • Send a letter to the ACTC requesting that they remove the Niles Canyon Safety project from their list. We have prepared a draft letter that can be used as is or modified as long as the basic message remains. (view or download the sample letter). Letters need to get the ACTC no later than 12 April so the time is short. You can send it via email to the staff member listed on the draft sample letter we have prepared.

The e-mail address

  • Encourage your neighbors and friends who oppose the Caltrans Niles Canyon Road widening project to do the same.

Here’s our chance to head off another potential attack on the canyon before it’s too late.

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