KGO-TV News Segment About Niles Canyon 2/28/2011

The video KGO-TV News shot of the Caltrans contractor cutting down the trees is VERY disturbing!

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3 Responses to KGO-TV News Segment About Niles Canyon 2/28/2011

  1. dilip trivedi says:

    leave the scenic road as is

    • My family and I used to travel Niles Canyon Road when it was the ONLY WAY to get to Livermore Valley! The state of California is BROKE, and they are wasting money on this debacle??? Where has common sense gone in California since I left!!!! I wish I was there,….I would be the First One There with the Biggest Sign!!!! This makes no sense whatsoever!! Niles Canyon Road should be declared a Scenic Highway! Then none of these morons would be able to touch it!!!!!

      • kitty king says:

        i agree with julie. its a little piece of the country in a city thats growing bigger everyday. i remember camping in joy land park with my parents when i was a kid. going back to swim when i was a teenager. now i live in oregon, but everytime i come back to fremont to visit, i have to drive through niles canyon on the way there and when we leave. they should take that money and turn it back into the parks and swimming holes for future generations to enjoy as i did as a kid.

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