The California Department of Transportation’s current and planned project to widen and significantly modify Niles Canyon Highway between Fremont/Niles and Sunol is viewed by the Save Niles Canyon Group as follows:

The project is not needed and represents a waste of taxpayer money.

  • The project is a tremendous waste of money! There are many other roads in the state that have significantly higher accident rates and could genuinely use the funding.
  • The project is based on outdated data and misleading presumptions: Caltrans uses outdated accident incident data in their reports as its rationale for the project – safety- is questionable since the data is outdated. The project appears to be looking for a reason. If the state wishes to create a safer highway in Niles Canyon it ought to prohibit large trucks from using it (trucks — many of which are using the canyon to avoid the truck scales on 680 — represent 2.5% of the traffic; but are involved in 38% of the accidents).
  • The project is billed as work to create a safer road but will likely result in higher driver speeds.
  • This $80 million could be better spent elsewhere.
  • Responsible efforts to convince Caltrans to abandon the project have been made by the City of Fremont and the California Regional Water Quality Control Board but the petitions have apparently not been heard.

The project has significant environmental impacts which have not been fully addressed

  • This stretch is designated a Scenic Highway! They want to widen the road, erect large retaining walls, remove 400+ trees, etc., etc. There are a number of issues that make these plans unacceptable
  • The potential impact on the efforts to rejuvenate the spawning of steelhead trout up Alameda creek seems to have been ignored.

It appears the public was not fully engaged when the project was conceived and therefore was not fully informed

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  1. joel starkey says:

    i love this road the way it is. my wife and drive this road all the time just to get away

  2. bob k says:

    I drive Niles canyon several times a week, and I’ve thought for years that the only real problem with this wonderful stretch of rural road is the large trucks. If semi trucks were banned from 84, there would be no need for any modification.

  3. megan says:

    Were from the midwest and just drove this road, and its absolutely incredible he way it is!

  4. Monica Hickox says:

    I think Niles Canyon needs to be cleaned up, the dead trees and debris. What we really need is to restrict cyclists, they are the most problem in the canyon. I lived in Fremont for over 35 years and now that I live in Tracy take it nearly every weekend. I can’t tell you how many times a cyclist causes problems. I agree if it is widened then the speeds will increase and during the summer you will get more and more people wanting to park to go in the river.

  5. Tara Wickizer says:

    I was born and raised here. I would hate to see this change made. I still drive this senic route to work a few times a week to Pleasanton and have always agreed it is the big trucks that make this dangerous. They travel faster than they should and have made this a dangerous area for everyone. Why don’t they designate it like hwy 580 through san leandro? NO TRUCKS!!! Niles Canyon is a gem the way it is and needs to be treated as such! Where’s the attorneys for OUR side? We weren’t properly informed on this planned change!

    • Margaret Hall says:

      Please get message to Jeff Miller and other concerned supporters to read today’s Tri City Paper, page A4, Roadshow,

      Gary Richards at 408 920-5335 could use more info for his column. He seems supportive. He ended column with “Stay tuned” like he will discuss this more in future columns.

  6. john says:

    What the hell is up with all the trees being cut down?!!! This is the first I’ve heard of this project. Are they moving forward with the widening? What can be done to stop it?

  7. linda reichlin says:

    I grew up in the Niles area all my life……..The only beauty we have left is the Niles canyon drive. If they widen the road there will be more traffic coming into the Niles area and also you will be taking away from the beauty of our canyon. Why not take that money and fix the roads that need to be repaired in the Fremont areas.

  8. Richi S. says:

    Another thing we have to remember is that there are many animals and wildlife that live in the surrounding area. The natural habitat and their ecosystem will be destroyed if this project goes through. I wonder who the idiot is that came up with this idea. 680 is not too far, anyone that has a problem with Niles should just drive the extra 10 miles down. I’ve never had a problem once in my life and have gone through N.C. many times, sometimes even at 3 A.M. Saving Niles Canyon should be our priority because we will A. Save money B. Preserve history C. Save earth. The $80 million can be spent much better getting rid of all the potholes on Mission and in Fremont. Better yet, new pavement on mission!

  9. Mimi Combel says:

    What the hell, we drive this road 5 days a week,and out of 10 years doing so there have been maybe 5 times there was and accident. If they widen the road all kinds of wildlife will be impacted not to mention the steelhead in the creek. Why don’t they take that money and fix the frickin Sunol grade north to Pleasanton. That is the crapest road around OMG when I pull my horse trailer home to P-Town I have to go about 20miles an hr the road is sooooo Bad.
    SAVE NILES CANYON !!!!!!!!!!!! Wake up Jerry Brown and Cal Trans you Idiots!!!!!!!!!

  10. camille says:

    I love driving through niles canyon. I got some to say about this shitty project. Pardon my french but, f**k the california department of transportation! How dare you even thinking about of even destroying this precious road. This road has been here in years and in fact where the hell are the poor, poor animals are going to live?! Go f**k yourselves you CDT I can’t believe anybody would do something like especially when it comes of destroying these poor animals home. Dammit! they need to live too. This world is going to hell. I GOT YOUR NILES CANYON. MOTHER NATURE RULES BEOTCH!

  11. camille says:

    Oosp, I meant to say I GOT BACK NILES CANYON!!!!! Lol love ya mother nature xoxo ;D

  12. Denise Turnquist says:

    Why would we want to widen Niles Canyon , only to be backed up at the stop signs at Sunol and
    Mission Blvd. Yes, I like making up time, but not at the expense of nature. I have never felt this thoroughfare dangerous. Big trucks, should not be able to take the shortcut.
    How did this ever pass for road widening? I love going this way to feel peace with nature. I am disgusted at what I saw yesterday, not having traveled this road in about 6 months. I am a hospice nurse, whom travels to different areas of Alameda county, living in San Ramon. Niles is historical, green and should not be touched. I am appalled at the chopping of trees already. Stop this train wreck now.

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